A Simple Preventative High Blood Sugar Diet for Diabetics

Individuals diagnosed with diabetes are taught to manage their condition with medication and diet. Eating regular, balanced meals will encourage a healthy lifestyle, help you body deal with high blood sugar, and maintain healthy glucose levels throughout the day. But many individuals diagnosed with this disease don’t know how a preventative high blood sugar diet can benefit in controlling their condition.

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The Relationship Between a Balanced Diet and Portion Size

One of the primary causes of type 2 or adult onset diabetes is obesity. In addition to triggering high blood sugar, this condition is connected to increased cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure. All of these factors can increase the risks associated with uncontrolled glucose levels, in addition to hindering the bodies’ ability to maintain homeostasis (or an internal balance.)

A discussion with your healthcare provider and/or nutritionist will evaluate your current condition and where you need to be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One commonly covered aspect is the relationship between obesity, diabetes and portion size. Maintaining a diet consisting of multiple meals will not only help with weight management, but prevent the body from experiencing sugar highs and lows throughout the day.

Structure is Key

The effect of disease can vary due to type differences and individual circumstances. Because of this, there is no standardized high blood sugar diet for diabetics. However, if you have been recently diagnosed or have uncontrolled diabetes, creation of a medical nutritional therapy (MNT) plan will be highly recommended. This structured outline can help individuals manage their condition through regularly balanced and planned meals. While this is a useful method to teach newly diagnosed diabetics about their condition and its management, it can also help others achieve healthy nutritional goals and normal blood sugar levels.

Foods to Include In A Diet For High Blood Sugar

Experts encourage diabetics to eat a “colorful” diet, including foods such as:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Non-dairy products
  • Lean meats
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Soluble fibers (Whole grains, oats, breads, pasta)

Foods to Avoid

Some foods can trigger elevated glucose levels, and should be eaten in moderation when following a high blood sugar diet for diabetics. These include:

  • Dairy or products containing lactose
  • Honey
  • Simple sugars (sweets)

Alcohol and Diabetes

Consuming alcohol by diabetics is not recommended, but in well controlled cases a drink or two may be allowed. Risks associated with alcohol use include:

  • A drop in blood sugar or hypoglycemia, triggered by excessive consumption
  • Interference with current diabetes medications
  • Beer and sweet tasting wines can cause high blood sugar

If you have been diagnosed with high blood sugar or diabetes, managing your diet becomes an important part of everyday living. By following a diet or meal plan, controlling this disease can become easier because you are helping your body maintain healthy glucose levels naturally.

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