Are Diabetic Slippers Important To Wear?

Diabetic slippers may seem like a small thing that may be useful to own and wear but it sure is easy to write them off as unnecessary. I know this because my grandmother needed a new pair recently and after shopping around for them even I wanted to just pick her up a pair of cheap slippers from Wal-Mart. I should know better; after all, I know a lot of diabetic slippers.

First of all if you haven’t read it yet make sure to read this post on what a diabetic slipper is. It’s not always common knowledge even to long time diabetics and their loved ones.

You may also want to see this post on the cost of diabetic slippers for a little primer on what to expect to pay when shopping for these items.

Now that we have that out of the way if you are still on the fence about whether these things are necessary or not let me tell you a story about a friend of mine who has diabetes and has lost his foot due to amputation. This story is true and it echo’s the stories of more people than you can imagine.

In short my friend has lived with diabetes for many years and despite efforts to control blood sugar levels better he was never able to do it consistently. Around the house seems safe but unfortunately for him he wasn’t wearing protection on his feet in the house often enough and in time he started getting more injuries and infections on his feet than he could keep up with.

One infection was particularly bad and in the end he ended up losing his leg. This seems extreme, and it is, but it is all too common. Diabetic foot amputation is the leading cause of amputations in America outside of war. And to make matters worse once you have an amputation it gets even harder to stay physically active which makes it even harder to keep blood sugar levels under control.

This is a spiral of pain you don’t want to be in.

Now, I’m not saying that diabetic slippers are the answer every diabetic had been looking for. They will not cure your problem but they can help prevent problems from happening which can keep you mobile and give you a better chance at managing your blood sugar levels.

So Why Diabetic Slippers?

So it’s obvious that taking care of your feet is important but why slippers? The answer is because around the home it is easier than you can believe to get cuts and infections. Food on the floors and ground into the carpet can easily grind into small open wounds on the foot. Some things can even cause small wounds which many diabetics don’t even notice.

Slippers, because of their comfort, are easy to put on and keep on in the house and they can protect your feet from injury as well and keep any wounds you already have covered and safe from infection.

They will help your feet stay dry and keep your blood pumping through them which helps with healing. In short they are preventative medicine which is worth every penny.

Depending on your budget I would recommend buying the best slippers you can afford but as always, anything is better than nothing.

This post covers the best diabetic slippers I recommend while this post covers the cheapest diabetic slippers I recommend. Give them a look and save a pair feet today.

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