Diabetes Treatment Options For Seniors

One of the greatest health threats to seniors today is the development of type 2 diabetes. In 2011, the National Diabetes Association determined that 1 in 4 people diagnosed with diabetes are over the age of 60. Even though this disease is easy to manage when carefully monitored, the diabetes treatment options for older adults vary slightly in comparison to diabetes treatment options for younger adults based on individual circumstances.

A Difficult Process

Finding the best diabetes treatment options, especially for older adults, can be a difficult process. Maintaining care may be easier during the earlier phases of these “golden years” but can become increasingly difficult, causing frustration for individuals and family members. The desire to maintain independence, routine care and finances all play a role in both treatment and the options that are available. Also, signs of uncontrolled or improperly maintained diabetes can be difficult to recognize because many of the symptoms of this disease are also associated with aging.

The Importance of Routine Examinations

Scheduling routine examinations may not appear to be one of one of the most important diabetes treatment options for seniors, but it is essential. A physician is more likely to recognize symptoms associated with diabetes, such as vision loss, confusion, difficulty concentrating and signs of hypoglycemia. Many individuals confuse these signs and symptoms with the natural aging process, and frequently dismiss them.

If you have hypoglycemia you should read this post covering common treatment guidelines and protocol.

Affording Diabetic Supplies

Today, finances have an increasing impact on an individual’s health – and financially difficult situations can be especially taxing on seniors. In many cases, getting diagnosed and treated isn’t the issue, but affording the constant stream of medications and testing supplies is. Diabetes treatment options for seniors can be made more affordable by:

  • Choosing generic insulin or oral diabetic medications over brand names
  • Utilizing low cost clinics
  • Informing your physician about the financial situation (some physicians will offer medical care at a reduced cost)
  • Contacting the American Diabetes Association, who can provide a list of low cost diabetes supply providers and other related information

Maintaining a Proper Diet and Routine Exercise

Type 2 diabetes is linked to health problems associated with age, lack of exercise and improper diet. For seniors, some of the easiest diabetes treatment options are related to making basic lifestyle changes.

  • Eating fruits, vegetables and maintaining a diet high in fiber is essential to properly treat diabetes. But upholding a properly balanced diet is increasingly difficult for seniors who may have conditions such as arthritis and gout – which ultimately impact mobility and coordination. Grabbing sweets and pre-packaged foods may be easier, but can have devastating effects on blood sugar levels, causing this disease to become uncontrolled. Depending on the situation, friends and families may have to assist their loved ones in managing their diet.
  • Also, exercise is another diabetes treatment option for seniors who are physically and mentally able. Going for a brisk 15 minute walk a day is all that is needed to help manage symptoms associated with this disease.

Up to 70% of all adults over the age of 65 will need some level of assistance to continue their diabetes treatments. But by maintaining routine care, actively monitoring the disease and finding low cost or free alternatives can make caring for type 2 diabetes in seniors a bit simpler.

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