Diabetic Dress Shoes For Men

If there’s one thing that is annoying about diabetic shoes is that they don’t often look al that great. These diabetic dress shoes however look really good for the office and should continue to support your diabetic foot care needs. As always make sure to wear good diabetic socks with these shoes and exercise every day. This can help with improving your sugar levels and improving foot circulation.

Men’s Diabetic Dress Shoes – Drew

men's diabetic dress shoes - drew shoes
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The Drew Shoe Men’s Doubler Lace-Up Oxford is named “Doubler” for its exceptional depth. It has twice the depth of similar shoes and multiple layers of footbed which can be removed independent of each other. This provides exceptional customization in fit allowing you to wear most any size of custom shoe insert.

In addition o the added depth of this shoe it also has twice the interior padding for an extra high level of comfort. This is particularly helpful for those people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. It is in fact one of the best diabetic neuropathy shoes you can buy for the office.

One additional feature that makes this shoe excellent for diabetics is that there are no seams near the toes. This can help minimize foot irritation and pressure points and can help enhance the benefits of wearing seamless diabetic socks.

Overall this diabetic dress shoe is a top quality shoe which should work very well for anyone looking for a good shoe for the office. Styled as an Oxford and sold in both black and brown you should feel good owning this formal shoe by Drew Shoes.

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The Drew Shoe Men’s Expedition Ii Therapeutic Oxford is one of the most popular selling diabetic dress shows in all of Amazon’s marketplace. It comes in black brown or clay and is described as very good for walking.

This shoe is not only appropriate for any work setting but it is also very good for the unique needs of people with diabetes. The Expedition Oxford is not only wide but it is a deep depth shoe capable of easily fitting custom diabetic shoe inserts which can help you achieve an even better fit.

Drew is considered to be one of the premier brands of therapeutic shoes and their quality is very high. If you want to review this shoe in greater detail then click here to see the product details, customer reviews and purchase information.

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