Diabetic Running Shoes – A Shoppers Guide

Looking to buy diabetic running shoes? If not maybe you should consider it. Staying active is one of the best ways for diabetics to maintain normal blood sugar levels on a long term basis. Yes, watching what you eat is very important, as is constantly checking your blood sugar, but over the long haul those people who consistently take the time and care out of their daily lives to exercise and stay active will tend to be the best and managing their blood sugar levels and moderating the effects of diabetes.

A Few Good Diabetic Running Shoes

Drew Lightning V Diabetic Running Shoes
Drew Lightning V Diabetic Running Shoes
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Drew Lightning Diabetic Running Shoes
Drew Lightning Diabetic Running Shoes
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These are of course just a few athletic shoes made by Orthofeet, which is one of the best manufacturers of medical shoes and shoes for diabetics. If you are a relatively healthy diabetic with fairly normal feet then you may want to take a look at the full lineup of athletic shoes on Amazon from these respected brands:

Running Shoes For Diabetics – What Features Are Really Important

When shopping for diabetic running shoes you really need to keep a few things in mind. Much like buying diabetic walking shoes you need to emphasize a few features above all others.

Lightweight Running Shoes That Breathe

Running shoes by definition are designed to be lightweight and soft on the heels and feet while running. They also tend to be airy, controlling moisture much better then other types of shoes. Even a good pair of diabetic boots however will be more airy then normal boots and with running shoes the same holds true. A good diabetic running shoe will be made with materials that whisk moisture away from the feet and allow them to stay dry and aired out.

Moisture is a bad thing for the feet, especially in athletic shoes, because constant movement of a moist foot can cause rubbing and irritation much easier. Wet skin is more easily damaged than normal skin. Obviously if you were to go running you wouldn’t want to go with a normal pair of socks; wearing proper diabetic socks will also ensure that your feet stay as dry as possible but the shoe itself should also help in that respect.

Wide Width Shoes With A Deep Foot Bed

You also want a shoe that is a little wider and possibly a little deeper. Wide and deep diabetic shoes are designed this way so that diabetics can insert custom inserts or insoles into the shoe, which are often larger, wider, and deeper than normal inserts. Ideal shoes for diabetic neuropathy will usually be a little tougher skinned or firm around the edges but for runners this is less important as running shoes need to be lighter.

The point is that the best diabetic running shoes will have many of the same characteristics as normal every day diabetic shoes but will be a little different lacking in some features and emphasizing some others.

Alternative Shoes For Diabetics

Of course not all diabetics should be running. Some diabetics with particularly challenging foot complications should probably hold off on running and may consider walking instead. Some of the worst cases may need to discuss their best possible exercise plans for their unique situation with their physicians too.

For other kinds of uses you should have other types of shoes. Make sure to check out the top selling Propet diabetic shoes as they are quite affordable and consider getting some diabetic slipper socks and diabetic house shoes as these are other special kinds of foot wear which many diabetics do not purchase very carefully… and as always, make sure to follow all the ordinary diabetic foot care practices your doctor recommends. Keeping your feet healthy will help you manage your diabetes better over the course of a life time. Good luck.

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How To Reverse Diabetes
There is a way to reverse type-2 diabetes from getting worse. In fact, you may even be able to reverse diabetes all together if you are lucky and not too far advanced in your condition. It all has to do with eating the right foods and adding the right kinds of physical activity into your lifestyle.

The following guide goes into all the details including your diet, your activity levels, and lifestyle choices and how you can change them to improve your chances at beating type-2 diabetes. Wearing the right shoes will help you stay active but this guide will show you exactly how to improve your situation today.

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