What To Look For In Diabetic Walking Shoes

Assuming you have done your homework on learning how to manage your diabetes you probably know that you should be watching what you eat, exercising on a daily basis to manage the severity of your condition. You probably also know that wearing the best diabetic shoes on the market is also important as is wearing socks for diabetic people as well. But when you start exercising you will likely start by walking as this is the usual beginning point for people who haven’t exercised regularly in a long time. If this is the case for you then you may want to get some special diabetic walking shoes made specifically for your exercise regimen.

As opposed to diabetic house shoes or dress shoes for work, your walking shoes will obviously be designed to better suit the rigors of being on your feet and moving for long periods of time. Many dress shoes for diabetic people are able to keep the feet comfortable and safe but they aren’t really designed to be walking friendly… at least for any extended period of time.

If you are planning on starting a regimen of walking to help treat your insulin resistance and manage your body’s response to elevated glucose levels walking is one of the best places to start. Many studies and medical research have shown that brisk walking every day is a very effective way to help stay active, healthy, and minimize the progression of diabetes. The trick however is to find shoes that will not only be designed for regular activity but also be designed to minimize the damage that an active life may inflict on your feet.

The Best Diabetic Walking Shoes

The best diabetic walking shoes will have all of the same features that normal everyday shoes for diabetics will have. They will be made from soft materials; they will be wider and roomier in the toe areas. They will also be laced and close toes like most shoes are but the best walking shoes will almost always be shaped to the size of your foot.

Many diabetic people have feet which are oddly shaped. Not all feet can be classified as deformed but on average many diabetics have feet which aren’t shaped like the average foot. Because of this the act of walking within a normal shoe can put pressure on certain areas of the foot. Even with wide shoes for sensitive feet this may happen which is why the best therapeutic exercising shoes will be custom made for your foot or will be designed to accommodate a custom made shoe insert which is molded to the person’s foot.

When you walk you are putting more pressure e on your feet than when you are sitting still, and even if you wear good shoes for sensitive feet walking and exercise can be tough on your feet, which is why molds and custom shaped foot wear is so important. A custom molded shoe insert can be instrumental in maintaining proper foot health even in the most advanced cases of diabetes, foot neuropathy, and blood flow conditions.

Which Walking Shoe For Diabetics Should I Buy

Diabetic walking shoes are made by many manufactures. Some walking shoes made by standard shoe manufacturers would probably be fine for diabetics so long as a foot deformity doesn’t exist. Even still there are a few best choices when it comes to selecting a walking shoe for diabetes and exercise. Of all the different diabetic shoes on the market probably my favorite walking shoe is the Propet Men’s M3704 LifeWalker Athletic Oxford walking shoe by Propet.

This shoe is a leather shoe with a rubber sole. It has a heavily padded tongue and is designed to be as comfortable as possible. It has a design which emphasizes support t for your foot with the goal of minimizing pressure points and irritation. These shoes are also lightweight and subtly shaped to aid in ease of walking with a slightly rounded sole which makes for a slight rocking motion while walking.

Of course there are many other kinds and models of walking shoes made by all the main companies which make quality shoes for diabetic people and for people with sensitive feet. You should at least comparison shop for your favorite brand and model and to find the best prices.

Here are some of the top diabetic walking shoes by brand which are currently for sale on Amazon:

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