Extra Wide Slippers For Diabetics & People With Wide Feet

Looking for a great pair of extra wide slippers? Many people with diabetes have foot problems which result in large or wide feet. Many others simply have extra wide feet and are in need of slippers which can accommodate their needs.

For those with diabetes the need for wide diabetic slippers that fit well is extremely important due to the complications of foot neuropathy and blood sugar management. For those with large feet due to natural size or due to injury or other condition the width of a pair of slippers can be for therapeutic or comfort reasons.

In any event, if compiled a list of wide diabetic slippers below which are adjustable, well made, and capable of protecting the foot of a diabetic person.

If width is not exactly the most important thing you are looking for then see these posts men’s diabetic slippers and women’s diabetic slippers. They go into more detail on why these types of slippers are so important to wear and how they are designed to protect your foot better than ordinary house shoes.

Recommended Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers For Sale

The following are just a small sampling of good wide width slippers for sale on Amazon. They are great for the needs of the diabetic foot and for those with wide feet.

Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker
FootSmart Men’s / Women’s Genuine Sheepskin Wrap Slippers
Foamtreads Physician Adjustable Slippers

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