Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Fasting

Glucose levels in the human body fluctuate. However, the normal range is 70 to 150 mg of glucose in the bloodstream. For example, you may have a glucose level of 90 mg in the morning when you wake up. However, after breakfast the level may rise to 120 mg.

As long as your levels are maintained within the normal range, you should have no health concerns related to high or low blood sugar. Ideally you even after eating your high blood sugar levels will still never get above 140 to 150.

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

If you choose to fast, whether it is for dietary purposes or for a glucose fasting test, the normal blood sugar levels for fasting is 70 to 99 mg. If your glucose level falls below 70 mg this is indicative of hypoglycemia. This dangerous disease can be fatal. While fasting, a person should not fall below 70 mg of glucose. Consistently falling below 70 mg can result in death, fainting, and decreased mental faculties.

If you fast for health or religious purposes, the amount of time should be limited to two or three days. This will depend on the type of fast. If the fast allows you to consume fruit juices, your glucose level should not fall below 70 mg. Before beginning a fast, it is recommended you consult with your physician. If your fast is merely overnight then typical blood sugar levels before breakfast shouldn’t be any different.

It is important to mention glucose reference ranges vary between laboratories. Laboratories base testing ranges on a collection of data points from the population of people the laboratory performs testing. However, the ranges will vary by only one or two points. For more on checking blood sugar levels yourself see this post.

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