Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Men When Fasting

There is a slight variation between normal glucose levels for men and women. However, the variation is so slight; rarely will you find reference range charts that contain levels for men and women. The standard reference range for normal glucose levels is 70 mg to 150 mg. Some reference range charts have lowered the high range to 140 mg.

For men who are fasting, falling below 70 mg consistently is dangerous. Low blood sugar can result in death. However, if you have normal glucose levels, it is unlikely you will drop below 70 mg when you fast.

If you are fasting for a glucose test, the normal blood sugar levels for men when fasting for a glucose fast test is 70 mg to 99 mg. If you are not within this range when tested, you doctor may require additional glucose testing.

An individual who tests consistently below 70 mg of glucose in the bloodstream will likely be diagnosed with hypoglycemia commonly referred to as low blood sugar. Consistently testing above 150 mg, is an indication of hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Those diagnosed with hyperglycemia are at risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

Blood sugar levels can be controlled with proper diet and exercise. However, many people who develop diabetes may have to control levels by insulin injections.

If you are fasting for a weight loss program and experience feeling faint, you may want to discontinue your fast. Rea this post for more on safely and naturally lowering blood sugar levels.

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