Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Women After Eating

Normal blood sugar levels for women after eating do not fluctuate much from that of a man but can average about five to ten points lower. The blood sugar levels can range and will vary depending upon the duration it has been since the last meal was consumed.

Two tests are most common for measuring blood glucose levels. One is a fasting blood sugar level test, usually taken after not eating for six to eight hours, and the other is the postprandial blood sugar measurement. The postprandial blood sugar level is taken two hours after a meal is eaten. See this post for more on normal blood sugar two hours after eating.

Normal blood sugar levels for women after eating are 100mg/dL. This can vary depending on what was eaten at the meal. Regardless to what was eaten, a postprandial blood sugar level should not measure above 140mg/dL. If it does, it would be a cause for concern.

Cases where the levels range between 140mg/dL and 199mg/dL with a random postprandial test (2 hours after a meal) would indicate pre-diabetes in the patient. A level that exceeds 200mg/dL two hours after eating would likely be diagnosed as diabetes if two or more tests have similar results.

Postprandial test results can vary and much is dependant on what was consumed at mealtime. Regular testing and monitoring of blood sugar levels after eating are imperative in providing the best possible care for patients. You can read more about how to lower your blood sugar levels naturally here.

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