Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Women Fasting

Glucose is the primary energy source of the body’s cells. Glucose levels fluctuate depending on the foods consumed during the day. Levels will drop during sleep. Upon waking, glucose levels will be lower. However, once food or drink is consumed, the levels will rise.

The laboratory reference range for glucose levels does not include separate ranges for men and women. Reference ranges are calculated based on collected data points from the general population. While the glucose reference range for normal glucose levels is 70 mg to 150 mg, the range will vary slightly between laboratories. The reference range your physician may use may vary slightly from ranges published by other physicians or medical facilities.

Normal blood sugar levels for women fasting is 70 mg to 99 mg. However, this is the same acceptable range for men. When fasting, glucose levels will be low but should never drop below 70 mg. If you are fasting as part of a diet program, your glucose level should not fall below 70 mg. If you have normal glucose levels, it is unlikely you will drop below 70 mg when fasting.

An indication of low glucose levels is feeling faint or passing out. If you are fasting and feel faint, you may want to discontinue your fast. Before fasting, you may want to consult with your physician. Consistently, falling below 70 mg may be an indication of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

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