Normal Blood Sugar Levels In The Morning

Morning time is when blood glucose levels are typically the lowest. The significant drop is due to fasting during the overnight hours while asleep. Testing glucose levels after eight hours of fasting, usually done after sleeping and before eating breakfast, is called a fasting blood glucose reading. Normal blood sugar levels in the morning can range vastly and the results can be helpful in determining a diabetic diagnosis, if applicable.

Typical Morning Blood Sugar Levels

A usual fasting blood glucose reading is between 70 and 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Many healthcare providers theorize that a random fasting blood glucose test in the morning with results that exceed 90mg/dL is indicative that the patient is at high risk of becoming a diabetic within ten years.

In general, many doctors believe that a reading in the morning before breakfast measuring between 100mg/dL and 125mg/dL indicates pre-diabetes. Level readings that exceed 126mg/dL on more than one occasion are enough information for a physician to be able to confirm a diabetic diagnosis.

To determine your normal blood sugar levels before breakfast, the tests should be taken randomly and noted for at least a week along with notations of what was eaten at each meal. This will assist your healthcare provider in giving an accurate diagnosis, as well. A morning fasting blood glucose reading is utilized as one of the primary methods of diagnosing diabetes and is an important measurement for the care and treatment of such.

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