Normal Blood Sugar Levels Two Hours After Eating

Blood sugar levels taken two hours after eating are going to be higher for anyone when compared to his or her baseline blood glucose levels, as determined by a fasting glucose test. All diabetics should be familiar with his or her baseline levels to determine the difference between what is considered normal to compare what glucose levels are after meals.

A person without any type of diabetes will rarely rise above 140mg/dL after a meal. This level will usually fall below 100mg/dL two hours after the meal for a normal, non-diabetic person.

The levels are influenced highly upon what was eaten at mealtime. Everyone’s blood sugar will be higher after a meal. An increase of 20 points compared to baseline levels right after eating is normal. However, normal blood sugar levels two hours after eating should return to normal, based upon the normal baseline range for that individual.

For diabetics, levels can soar much higher than 20 points and occasionally more than 100 points if not controlled, causing glucose levels to stay higher, longer. This is more helpful in determining if a person has any type of diabetes and why physicians will want to test glucose levels two hours after a meal was consumed.

Tracking what your normal blood sugar levels two hours after eating are for the week prior to a visit with your physician can help in determining proper medical care for you. Also tracking other data, such as what food was eaten and what time of day can be valuable in care, as well. See this post for more on how to check your blood sugar levels yourself.

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