Our Favorite Diabetic Blood Sugar Monitor

Blood sugar monitors are surprisingly affordable in their most basic form. Although you can easily find and buy expensive blood sugar monitoring systems for the average diabetic, pre-diabetic, or insulin resistant person a simple and affordable monitor will do just fine.

The ACCU-CHEK Aviva Meter by Roche Diagnostics Corp.

Aviva ACCU-CHEK Blood Sugar MonitorAs far as blood glucose monitors go this monitor combines all the simplicity, ease of use, and basic features that the average person needs in a monitor at a very affordable price. IMed.com sells this monitor for a little over $30 or about 15% under the manufacturers recommended sale price.

What makes this meter our recommended pick is its low price and wide feature set. It will store up to 500 readings and allow for export of your readings to your computer. It tests your glucose levels very quickly, just a few seconds, and it requires a minimal amount of blood to do the job.

Not only that but you can choose from a number of test sites including your finger, forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf, or palm. The unit will auto shut off saving your battery in the event you do not turn it off yourself, and the battery itself is easily replaceable with a replacement CR/2032 battery.

For the average person the glucose range that this meter reads is a wide 10-600 mg/dl so it should be a good compliment to your official readings that your doctor takes in the lab.

The Testing AvivaMeter Testing Strips

Aviva ACCU-CHEK Glucose Monitor Test StripsThe Aviva Meter is quite common and the test strips are easy to find for sale online and as well as in regular retail outlets.

IMed.com sells the ACCU-CHEK® Aviva Test Strips in boxes of 50 for around $80, about 15% off the retail price. If you want to stock up on the meter and test strips at the same time you can get free shipping for larger order sizes which further expand your cost savings.

Recommended Reading

If you have never tested yourself before please see this post on how to check your blood sugar levels with a glucose meter and see this post on how to lower fasting blood sugar levels with your lifestyle and diet.

If you don’t yet have diabetes taking steps now may help prevent diabetes from developing later.

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