Safe High Blood Sugar Treatment Options For You To Consider

A diagnosis of diabetes can leave many individuals confused and overwhelmed by all the high blood sugar treatment options available today. Your healthcare provider will be a primary source of guidance, but there are often unforeseen situations – such as variations of glucose in the morning and during pregnancy that will impact the method being used.

Combined with the information provided and your physicians’ suggestions, finding the best system for you and your lifestyle will be easy.

Managing Diet and Integrating Exercise

The cause of type 2 diabetes can be discovered in and individual’s genetics, but is also the result of poor diet, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and lack of regular exercise.

Healthcare providers will often review lifestyle habits and effective changes, such as the addition or increase of fruits, vegetables and fibers in addition to moderate exercise. Being overwhelmed with this process is normal, and additional guidance may be offered by a nutritionist to help individuals with their high blood sugar treatment.

While type 1 diabetics are dealing with primarily a genetic condition, it does not mean that diet and fitness should be ignored. In fact, this component is an essential part of all treatment programs, and can help the body control high blood sugar naturally.

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Exploring Diabetes Treatment Options

Type 1 diabetes is only treatable with the use of insulin, but changes in technology have made correct dosing and management easier. Pre-measured doses contained in insulin pens and the constant infusions by the insulin pump are becoming the preferred method of treatment. Compared to past methods, today’s options are not only extremely portable and convenient – but are also easily concealed.

Rarely treated with insulin injections, type 2 diabetics control their condition primarily with medication. However, treatment may change when a woman becomes pregnant to ensure her safety and the babies’ health.

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Recognizing Problems: The Challenge of Managing High Morning Blood Sugar

One of the most challenging problems a diabetic will face is dealing with high glucose levels in the morning. In healthy individuals the body is able to regulate hormones and insulin naturally, and fasting blood sugar tests (FBS) will fall within normal ranges. Diabetics can experience an increase in glucose due to the dawn phenomenon or the Somogyi effect which is first detected by during morning screens during the treatment process.

While this is a common occurrence, it does not mean that the cause should not be investigated. Healthcare providers will request you wake during early morning hours (usually between 2 and 4 am) and perform a random glucose screen. The results will determine a probable cause and raise potential treatment options to help with the regulation of blood sugar.

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Once the source is identified, the most common treatments involve changing insulin types, prescriptions, and dosing times. Also, altering other medications may also be discussed because certain types (such as blood pressure prescriptions) can trigger an increase in glucose in conjunction with diabetes.

High blood sugar is treated based on the type of diabetes, stage and overall health of the individual. While there are differences in the options available based on the type of disorder, finding a treatment to match you lifestyle is easy. Once a method has been selected, regular evaluations will be performed by your healthcare provider to determine its effectiveness and make alterations as needed.

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How To Reverse Diabetes
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