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Deep Depth Shoes – Why You May Need Them

If you’ve followed along on this blog for any amount of time you probably already know what makes good diabetic shoes and why following proper diabetic foot care is so important. You may not however fully understand the importance of deep depth shoes and why so many diabetic shoes are deep depth.

Deep depth . . . → Read More: Deep Depth Shoes – Why You May Need Them

Wide Diabetics Slippers For Men

As many diabetics know taking care of your feet is very important. Even around the house wearing wide diabetic slippers is important as they can help protect your feet from things on the ground that can aggravate cuts or wounds or bulky items like furniture which can easily cause you to stub toes or . . . → Read More: Wide Diabetics Slippers For Men

Top Propet Diabetic Shoes

One of the most popular brands of diabetic shoes is Propet. Propet is a widely respected specialty shoe manufacturer with a large supply of men and women’s diabetic shoes for all types of uses. Whether you are in need of a quality diabetic house shoe or slipper, a quality diabetic walking shoe, or a . . . → Read More: Top Propet Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Neuropathy In Feet – What Is It And How It Can Be Treated

Diabetics have a whole host of health issues that they have to constantly stay vigilant for. Diabetic foot care is just one of those areas because one of the most common problems that diabetics have is in minimizing the risk for diabetic peripheral neuropathy of the feet and legs.

Diabetic neuropathy is actually not . . . → Read More: Diabetic Neuropathy In Feet – What Is It And How It Can Be Treated

What To Look For In Diabetic Walking Shoes

Assuming you have done your homework on learning how to manage your diabetes you probably know that you should be watching what you eat, exercising on a daily basis to manage the severity of your condition. You probably also know that wearing the best diabetic shoes on the market is also important as is . . . → Read More: What To Look For In Diabetic Walking Shoes

The Best Socks For Diabetics

If you are like most diabetics you have known for a while or are just coming to understand the importance of wearing diabetic socks and shoes. Caring for your feet and lower limbs is extremely important for diabetics and finding the best socks to wear can be the difference in living a normal life . . . → Read More: The Best Socks For Diabetics