Therapeutic Diabetic Slippers For Women

There’s no doubt that diabetes is hard on the feet. Specially designed slippers for diabetics are just one way to minimize the damage that diabetes plays on your feet. Wearing appropriate diabetic shoes and diabetic socks throughout the day are common ways to deal with foot problems. Cleaning your feet and practicing better diabetic foot care and hygiene are others.

If you are a woman in particular you need to be protecting your feet around the house. More women than men work in the home and as a result more women than men will need good slippers or house shoes. The reason is simple: it’s easier to injure you feet in the home and it’s easier to get infection in the home when you are not wearing protective foot wear.

Think of the last time you cut skin on your foot, stubbed a toe, or even cracked a bone in your foot. Unless you were on long hike you probably did it in the home. Walking barefoot in the kitchen is a easy way to get bacteria into foot wounds and it is a perfect illustration as to why wearing good protective slippers is so important.

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Some Of The Best Women’s Diabetic Slippers For Sale Today

Below is a short list of slippers which are perfect for women with diabetes. They will protect the bottom of the foot with a quality sole, they will wrap around the foot with fitting adjustment features, and many of these slippers will be made of materials which are great for keeping the foot dry.

Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker
FootSmart Men’s / Women’s Genuine Sheepskin Wrap Slippers
Foamtreads Physician Adjustable Slippers

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How To Reverse Diabetes
There is a way to reverse type-2 diabetes from getting worse. In fact, you may even be able to reverse diabetes all together if you are lucky and not too far advanced in your condition. It all has to do with eating the right foods and adding the right kinds of physical activity into your lifestyle.

The following guide goes into all the details including your diet, your activity levels, and lifestyle choices and how you can change them to improve your chances at beating type-2 diabetes. Wearing the right shoes will help you stay active but this guide will show you exactly how to improve your situation today.

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