Top Propet Diabetic Shoes

One of the most popular brands of diabetic shoes is Propet. Propet is a widely respected specialty shoe manufacturer with a large supply of men and women’s diabetic shoes for all types of uses. Whether you are in need of a quality diabetic house shoe or slipper, a quality diabetic walking shoe, or a pair of diabetic shoes for work Propet has a number of excellent options available.

Propet Shoes, like most shoe manufacturers, has a number of therapeutic shoes which are geared more specifically for aesthetics while others are far more appropriate for pure medical needs. Those people with highly specialized medical needs may find that aesthetics simply don’t matter as much as function and conversely many people with well controlled diabetes and with few problems with their feet may simply be interested in practicing better diabetic foot care while continuing to wear shoes which are as attractive as possible.

No matter what your diabetic shoe needs are Propet probably has a few good choices available. Alternatively you may want to look through some of the top diabetic shoes by Drew for comparison sake. Here are some of the most popular therapeutic and diabetic shoes that Propet currently sells. Note that all links take you to sales pages on Amazon where process tend to be the lowest by far – just check out the customer reviews.

Popular Propet Men’s Diabetic Shoes

Propet Men’s M2034 Stability Walker Athletic Sneaker – These shoes retail in the $75 to $95 dollar range online and usually much higher in stores. They are excellent shoes for men who have a trough time with shoe laces. These are black Velcro strapped shoes which can look really well for work or for casual wear. They are sturdy leather shoes and are designed to allow more room for wider, taller, or swollen feet. They have a rocker sole making walking a little more comfortable to walk in and could be an excellent choice for active diabetics needing an emphasis on better foot care.

Propet Men’s Scandia Strap Slip-On – These are another pair of strapped slip on shoes by Propet. They are slightly cheaper than the stability walkers selling online in the $65 to $85 dollar range. These diabetic shoes are good again for men who have trouble with laces, bending over, or with constantly taking their shoes on and off for basic foot care or daily activities. Because they are slip-on shoes these shoes can be quite easy to use on a daily basis. They have a lightweight sole and a removable insole so that you can insert optional custom insoles yourself. The lining inside should provide lots of comfort for your foot

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