What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels Post Meal?

Animal and human cells require glucose for their main source of energy. The main source of glucose in diets is carbohydrates. When the glucose enters the body through the bloodstream, the glucose level is controlled by glucagon and insulin. The pancreas releases insulin into the bloodstream when the level of glucose rises.

The reference range for normal glucose is 70 to 150 mg and the safe fasting blood sugar range is between 80 and 110 mg/dl. Glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day. Glucose levels are usually lower in the morning and will rise slightly after meals. The rise after meals will depend on the type of food that is eaten. However, normal blood sugar levels post meal should not exceed 150 mg.

Any amount above 150 mg is an indication of hyperglycemia or often referred to as high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia can result in the onset of diabetes mellitus. Glucose levels that fall under 70 mg is indicative of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can be fatal and the symptoms include fainting, decreased mental function, and lethargy.

There is not a reference range for normal blood sugar levels post meal. A reference range is the collection of data points collected from the general population. Ninety-five percent of the general population falls within any given reference range. Collecting valid data points post meal, is impossible. The data points will vary depending on the meal each individual consumed. After any meal, glucose levels should not exceed 150 mg. Exceeding this level consistently is dangerous.

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