What Are The Features Of Diabetic Slippers… And What Are Diabetic Slippers Anyway?

So you are considering getting a pair of diabetic slippers huh? Chances are good you probably don’t have the slightest idea what makes a slipper good for the treatment of the diabetic foot.

I found out this Christmas that my grandma wears slippers to relieve her diabetes foot complications. A while back she told me that she needed new slippers but didn’t know where to get good ones at. She’s not usually leaving the house so it fell on my mom and I to buy them for her.

Now, I know what I’m looking for in diabetic slippers but surprisingly enough to me neither my mom nor my grandmother knew what to look for. Apparently my grandma must have gotten her current slippers as a recommendation but didn’t even know why they would be good for her.

Features To Look For In Diabetic Slippers

To catch my mother up (and you my reader) let me simply say that a good pair of diabetic slippers will be:

  • Wide in width or at least adjustable to fit wide feet. This is often and best accomplished with a Velcro strap on top that can be tightened based on the width of the foot.
  • They should have removable and interchangeable insoles. This allows for the insertion of specialty or custom fit diabetic shoe inserts if needed. It also allows for the insertion of thin or thick inserts which can allow for a deeper footbed. In short many diabetics not only have a need for width in their shoes but also depth.
  • The toe area should be large or adjustable (via Velcro straps) to allow for irregularly shaped toes and the ball of the foot. Many diabetics have hammertoes, bunions, and other irregularities in the shape of their feet. These issues need to be addressed for comfort and for circulation.
  • The back of the heel should be adjustable for better fit, less irritation, and for circulatory benefits.
  • The material should be made from moisture controlling fabrics. Basically the slipper needs to help keep your feet dry. They should breathe well and pull moisture away from the skin. Neoprene materials can accomplish this as can some others.

Of course not all diabetic feet are in bad shape. Some only have a few concerns and for those people who have well managed blood sugar levels some of these feature are less important than others.

In the end more features will add to the cost of the slipper and decrease the volume of options you have to choose from. Amazon has a ton of options for slippers in all price ranges and with every possible combination of features. It’s one of the first places I turn people to in need of slippers and the prices tend to be as good as just about anywhere. You can see their selection of diabetic slippers here.

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