What Is Normal Blood Sugar For Non-Diabetics

Got your blood sugar levels checked recently? You probably want to know what is normal blood sugar anyway and what levels of glucose in the blood is too much. For average people, non-diabetics who are otherwise healthy individuals, normal levels of blood sugar will vary throughout the day. For the purpose of glucose testing at your doctor’s office however your glucose levels will generally be tested after a fast of 8-12 hours on an empty stomach. At home you can test whenever you want but the results will fluctuate based on the time of day and the foods you’ve recently consumed.

Normal Blood Sugar For Non Diabetics

checking blood sugar levels at homeEvery person is a bit different and genetics play a role in your body’s mechanism for regulating sugar levels in the blood but all things being equal a normal blood sugar range for people on an empty stomach will typically be in the range of 80 mg/Dl to 100 mg/Dl. Generally fasting sugar levels lower than 80 are drifting towards hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, and fasting levels higher than 100 are drifting towards hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia is not usually diagnosed until glucose levels get extremely high but these slightly elevated levels are still a warning sign for further glucose management deterioration. The earliest stage of high blood sugar levels is insulin resistance, sometimes referred to as pre-diabetes, and this range typically falls in between 100 mg/Dl and 120 mg/Dl. Anything above that and doctor’s are more likely to start diagnosing diabetes.

Blood glucose levels can get above 120 in non-diabetics after meals. This is quite normal but they don’t usually spike up very high and they typically fall back to normal fasting glucose levels efficiently. If you have checked your blood sugar levels yourself and are worried you may have a higher levels than you should have make sure to see your doctor and discuss your options with him or her.

For a more comprehensive look at this topic see this post on normal blood sugar levels and then make sure to read this post on how to lower blood sugar levels naturally. If you can prevent type 2 diabetes from developing you will be setting yourself up for a much longer and healthier life.

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