When Are High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels Too High?

Healthcare providers perform fasting blood sugar tests to detect diabetes – a lifelong, incurable disease. But as your doctor reviews your results, you may wonder what the numbers mean, if they are abnormal and how this impacts your overall health.
What are Healthy Levels?

A fasting blood sugar test (FBS), also known as a fasting glucose, is performed after an individual has not eaten for at least 8 hours. The best results are obtained when the blood draw is performed in the morning after a full night’s rest (which can also make completing the fast easier.) In most cases the physician’s office will obtain test results within 24 hours. A normal blood sugar range falls between 70 to 90 ml/dL or milliliters per deciliter.

Why Regular Testing is Important

Healthcare providers recommend this test be performed once a year, and is typically completed during an annual physical or voluntary workplace health screening. Regular testing can indicate problems such as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), but is most commonly used to screen for hyperglycemia – the condition indicating the formation of a diabetic or pre-diabetic condition.

Pre-Diabetes: A Warning Sign

Unlike type 1 diabetes, which is detected when a child is in the infant or juvenile stages and lacks warning symptoms, those at risk for type 2 diabetes will receive results indicating the body is in a hyperglycemic state. A high fasting blood sugar level or generally high blood sugar levels between the range of 100 to 125 ml/dL indicates a condition known as pre-diabetes. This means glucose levels have raised to unhealthy levels, but are not high enough to diagnose the presence of diabetes. In many cases this condition can be reversed and risk factors lowered by changing basic lifestyle habits.

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Modification of an individual’s diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and fiber in conjunction with limitations placed on foods containing simple sugars is one of the first steps that can be taken. Also, integration of moderate levels of exercise can also reduce high blood sugar levels. In some cases, a physician may prescribe metformin – but the healthcare community has reviewed mixed results of this treatment, and it is not typically viewed as the best treatment for reduction of high glucose.

What High Fasting Glucose Levels Mean for You

Any FBS level at 126 ml/dL or above indicates the presence of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes this means the body is unable to produce insulin to regulate high blood sugar levels. Individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have developed a condition call insulin resistance. This condition is usually controlled through lifestyle changes, including diet modifications, addition of exercise and use of oral anti-diabetic medications.

High Sugar Levels and Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. Diagnosed during the 24th week, it is discovered by performing an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). The woman begins the test by fasting, then consuming a sweetened liquid containing 50mL of glucose. The results are measured at hour intervals, and then interpreted by a physician to ensure the rise in blood sugar levels in only temporary.

The FBS is an important tool used by healthcare providers to evaluate an individual’s health. Able to detect conditions that indicate insulin resistance such as pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, this can enable you to make life changing decisions and take control of your health.

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How To Reverse Diabetes
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